Whiteboard Animations attention grabbing videos.

Whiteboard animation is an attention grabbing advertising opportunity which is becoming more popular, but is still overlooked by many businesses as too difficult or an ineffective use of marketing funds. In the last few years, doodle videos and whiteboard animation videos have been established as a unique, exciting and entertaining way to get a message across to any audience.

An explainer whiteboard video is an increasingly powerful marketing tool in today’s online world. Watching someone draw can be engaging and even hypnotic, and with such focus on a short doodle video, your audience will absorb your message faster and will retain the information for longer. Your message is made more simple and more fun – this is still a unique proposition in marketing today and will set you apart from your competitors. Not only this, your audience is more likely to share and discuss what they’ve seen with peers, giving you free marketing!

By using whiteboard animation to bring your marketing images to life, you will find that your audience is mesmerized and their instincts for the human touch will encourage them to watch each movement more carefully and anticipate the end result of the lines they see forming in front of them. To bring it back to basics, your audience will instinctively watch your whiteboard animation video through to the end, increasing the time they spend on your page and as a result, increasing the likelihood of conversion through a positive user experience.

The added benefit of using whiteboard animation and doodle videos on your company site is the all-important increase in SEO (search engine optimisation). By improving your website dwell rate and the infinite share-ability of video on the internet, your public engagement will in increase, resulting in a higher search engine result.

Whatever field your company is in, whatever products or services you offer, whiteboard animation can add a charismatic, affable and accessible product pitch to potential customers. With a well-written script developed by professional copywriters, your video will be a memorable tribute to your company as well as getting your message across.

Let us create an explainer whiteboard animation to place on your website and you will immediately see an increase in clients and new business. Your prospects will be engaged and entertained and are far more likely to pick up the phone or contact you after enjoying a positive user experience on your website. The faster your custom made doodle video hits your website, the faster your sales increase!

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