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Cartoon Doodle Videos Are The Popular Choice

If you have been thinking about taking your marketing activities in a different direction, video really should be on your radar. You only need to think about your own online interaction to know that video provides a great number of benefits compared to pages of text and images. Your own common sense should indicate that this is a great way to get your business message across but in business, it is important to be able to back your hunch up with stats and figures. All it takes is one look at the cartoon doodle videos to realise that people will love them but will they be able to engage customers into taking action with respect to your products or services?

Thankfully, the statistics and research is showing that video pages are getting better conversion figures than standard sales pages, which is exactly what business people have been waiting for. The science is simple, would you rather learn about a product or service by reading a lot of information or would you rather have a short yet informative video tell you what you need to hear?

Good cartoon doodle videos gets your point across

A good quality video can drastically reduce the amount of time that is required to tell customers about a company and the products or services they provide. Cartoon doodle videos are a highly fun way to communicate and engage potential customers who may not have the time, desire or even the inclination to read and process a lot of textual passages on a website. Text is important but when it can be delivered in a video alongside narrative, moving images and fun elements, it is far more likely to provide customers with something that they will remember for a long time.

If you are looking for consumer stats to back up the importance of video, a survey carried out by Video Rascal produced the following result:

“85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video.”

You know that stats and figures are important and one of the best things about video content is that it is easy to see how many people have watched the video. This can provide you with information about how many people your video is reaching and of course, when you ally this figure to your sales figures, you can receive a rough guideline of how your video is converting. There are many different factors involved with the process too but if you are looking to keep things as simple as possible, the use of video and the statistics available with video content will provide businesses with a massive helping hand.

Cartoon doodle videos make things simpler

Another great aspect of video content comes with the fact that you can make things simpler for your customers. When presented with text, it is possible that readers may take one idea away from your text whereas you meant a completely different one. This is where being able to set the tone and mood with cartoon doodle videos can make a massive difference to how customers take your message. If you are looking to deliver a humorous or witty message, it can often be easier to do this with a video as opposed to using the written word.

Words can be interpreted and misinterpreted in so many ways, using a well-scripted video can remove much of the ambiguity that exists with the written word. This will ensure that the right tone and message is delivered to your customer, hopefully ensuring they engage with the video and yourself in a much more effective and efficient manner.

Using the cartoon doodle videos will also help you rank higher. It is important to be aware of the importance of video content when it comes to search engine rankings. The companies behind search engines are well aware of the importance that is being placed on video content now and good video content can have a massive influence on your site. Whether you have the great video content on your site or located on YouTube pointing towards your site driving traffic towards it, having effective video content will make a massive difference in your search engine rankings. Being able to be found by potential customers is very important and video content is crucial in this.

There are many different reasons why having cartoon doodle videos represents great value for a business and you can rely on these videos to reach out to your intended target market.