Why They’re Right For You!

Cartoon Doodle Videos And Why They’re Right For You, Your Company or Your product!

There are many different ways that businesses can choose to engage and interact with their customers / potential customers but you should want to find the one that is best for you. This means you shouldn’t just be looking for the right option for today, you want to find an option that will bring about benefits in the future too.

When it comes to the internet, there is a growing belief that the future revolves around video and providing content for viewers to watch as opposed to read. There are some predictions that in by the end of 2015, 90% internet traffic will be devoted to watching videos. This may seem like a rather high figure but even if this does overshoot and the actual figure is slightly lower, it still emphasises the importance of having great video content for your site and business.

If you have a website that is still based solely around words and images, you may find that you are left behind in the past before too long. If you’re looking to engage with customers for any longer than a minimal amount of time, videos are the way forward. This is why cartoon doodle videos should be considered as a highly effective marketing tool for businesses.

Even though video is the way forward, it has to be the right sort of video. You need to ensure you convey the right form of tone and message with your video and you have to ensure that the viewer is engaged and enjoying what they see. A marketing video is often the easiest way that firms have to get their ideas across to consumers in the shortest time period.

Videos have evolved

Videos have always been important but the types of video that are used have evolved. It used to be that the talking head video was the one that businesses turned to. This was partly down to the simplicity of this video style but also because it allowed firms to promote their ideas to a customer in a simple manner. However, video techniques and technologies have evolved greatly, providing more ways to communicate and engage with clients. Similarly, viewers expect more from videos these days and they expect to be actively engaged. This is where using cartoon doodle videos can make all the difference for getting positive results from a video campaign.

Using cartoon doodles in your video removes the need for the human element, perfect if you or your employees are not at their best in front of the camera. It is possible to use cartoon characters to get your message across to the viewer and reports indicate that cartoon videos are around four times more effective than any other form of video you could create for your customers.

Think how much new video content gets uploaded all the time

You also need to take on board the fact that around one hour of new video material gets uploaded on to the YouTube site every moment, so your video better be good, interesting, funny or unique in order for it to stand out.

The effective of cartoon doodle videos has a lot to do with the fact that it appears as though the video is being created right in front of you. This will always engage a viewer more, making them want to continue watching to see what unfolds next. Combining this powerful imagery with the right script and narration can deliver a fantastic video that ensures all of your potential customers wait to see what the full message is.

In the online era, we have moved on from bland sales pages and uninteresting splash pages. These cartoon doodle videos represent a bold step forward and they promise to deliver much higher conversion rates. You can provide a more intriguing call to action from your clients by engaging them in a more dynamic and interesting fashion.

Another thing to bear in mind when considering the power of cartoon doodle videos is to take on board how important YouTube is today. Not only is it a massive search engine in its own right, the fact that Google now owns YouTube means that it has a much stronger influence on Google rankings. Having high quality and popular video content will give your entire site a boost, making it much easier for customers to find you when they search for the products and services you provide.

As cartoon doodle videos are able to enjoyed on PCs, laptops, Macs, smartphones and tablets, you can ensure your message will get across to every potential viewer out there!